For many reasons, our carpet may get burnt and the stain may stay there forever. A small burnt marks can destroy the whole beauty of your home. But if you burn your carpet with the cigarette or candles or hot irons or any other things, what you will do? Will you replace the whole carpet or try to repair it? You will get many burnt carpet repair San Diego services from where you can fix the problem with your carpet and save the carpet replacement cost. Carpet can be very expensive depending on the material and the quality. So, if there is any damage to the carpet due to burning or any other issues, it is better to repair the carpet than replacing it. The carpet burnt can be repaired professionally with the help of the carpet repairing professionals. There are many ways you can get rid of the burn mark from the carpet. If you want to repair it by yourself, you can follow the methods below.

1.    One of the easiest way to repair the burn mark of the carpet is cut off the burnt part. And then you have to cut some carpet fibers from the corner of the carpet which part is not visible. Then you can place this fiber to the burnt place and stick it carefully with the glue so the repaired place can’t be seen with the bare eyes.

2.    You can also remove the burn stain in an alternative way. You have to take a scissor and cut out the burnt area carefully. Then you have to take the carpet detergent and clean the affected area carefully. You have to use the scarp carpet to repair your carpet. Take the scrap carpet and place it under the damaged carpet. You have to use the carpet as padding after placing it in a proper way, you have to use glue or you can also stitch the carpet area to make your carpet look perfect. You have to apply this method when the burning is too big. You have to make sure the scrap carpet you are taking should be of the same color of your existing carpet.

3.    Cigarette burn is also very common on the carpet. The cigarette burn is usually very small and it is usually not visible to the others. But to avoid more damage, you need to repair it instantly. At first, you have to cut out the burn part of your carpet. You can use the vacuum cleaner to get away from the ashes. Then you have to soak a cloth into the carpet solution and blot your carpet with it. Then let it dry. Applying this method properly you can repair the damage easily.

 So, these are some quick methods to repair the burning damages of the carpet.

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